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The Future of Hospitals: Critical Factors for Growth & Sustainability

The future for hospitals is uncertain. Hospital boards, affiliated physicians, trading partners and senior leaders must embrace uncertainty, invest strategically, operate efficiently and execute deliberately as hospitals transition to systems of health.

Can Independent Medical Groups Survive? Opportunities and Challenges

The future for independent practices is positive but adjustments are necessary. It’s a good news, bad news scenario.

Health Reform 2.0: What to Expect in Round Two

Cost containment, competition from new entrants, clinical innovation, politics, court rulings and the Affordable Care Act’s implementation through 2020 and beyond: what to expect and how to prepare.

Megatrends and Tipping Points that will Define Success in the New Normal

Five major forces are changing the way healthcare in the U.S. is delivered and financed. What are the tipping points for each and how will hospitals, physicians, insurers, device and pharma respond.

Consumerism in Health Care: Is the Industry Ready?

Is U.S. healthcare moving from a B2B model to B2C? There are mixed signals from the market. The implications are monumental to industry incumbents and outside disrupters.

Industry Consolidation: Is ‘Go Big or Get Out’ the Rule of the Realm?

How big is big enough? And under what circumstances is horizontal integration strategically smarter than vertical?

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